Jew’s harp Aria


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In all respects, this wonderful khomus is a gem of the new harps collection at Glazyrin’s unique instruments shop. It sounds like a flowing of a pure mountain stream. Playful large internal reserve gives a huge space for experiments with articulation techniques. An integral plate with a tongue is fastened by special welding to the main frame, while the gap is minimal which gives Aria an excellent sound control. Weighting on the tip of the tongue adds peculiar pulsating vibrations. The timbre of the instrument allows you to hear more musical overtones than while playing other harps at a unique instruments shop. Any single sound automatically becomes colorful. Blows in both directions are exactly the same and a tongue is very stable, but two-way combat requires the development of a fairly accurate trajectory.

When playing this instrument, you will hear a pleasant, clear and energetic sound that harmoniously matches with an elegant appearance. Beautiful laser engraving depicting an ethereal woman is mesmerizingly gorgeous.

Why is Aria so popular with customers of our unique instruments shop?
– Clear balanced sound, unique tongue fastening technology.
– The combination of size, harmony of sound, reliability and low price make this instrument an attractive choice.
– A great option for beginners and professionals.
– Compact and lightweight harp with sound slightly above average, excellent sensitivity, easy to use.
– Direct purchase from a reliable wholesale’s distributor.

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Take advantage of our new unique budget line of harps with engraving at Glazyrin’s unique instruments shop. Alongside with Aria, you can also check Skiff, Yakut, Samurai, and Mongol.

Additional information

Weight 50 г
Dimensions 103 × 28 × 3.5 mm

10-15 µm

Reed size

85 mm

Base frequency

55-65 Hz


~C2, ~B1, ~A#1, ~A1


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