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Let us introduce you to a brilliant souvenir in the shape of a sword which you can even play music with! This is the first Glazyrin’s khomus with a closed frame. There are restrictions on the play due to a closed frame, since the amplitude of a tongue is limited, and a pace of the performance cannot be very fast. But this design has a lot of advantages, as well – the release time increases. A closed case prolongs sustain time significantly and extends the life of a tongue. Due to the fact that you cannot hit the tongue hard, a sound will last longer. At the same time, it does not allow you to swing the tongue much and play it at a fast pace. Thus, the khomus is recommended to lovers of a smooth measured performance. When playing at a slow relaxed pace, it leaves a pleasant warm impression.

Khomus Sword has an unusual design and looks like a funny musical toy that will be appreciated by jew’s harps enthusiasts. The sword will not only serve as a wonderful gift really sounds. Anyone, even for the first time taking a harp in their hands, will be able to extract from the khomus Sword unique sounds of a real harp and play a simple melody.

Let us conclude:

1) The khomus is a beautiful gift and musical instrument.
2) While maintaining the high quality of workmanship characteristic of the master, the harp has specific musical parameters: due to the shape of the frames, some possibilities for controlling the instrument are lost, for example, there is no way to work with the lips. However, this retains the characteristic of a Ural sound with pressure and rigidity.
3) Perfect instrument obtained directly from a wholesale’s manufacturer. You can buy it at a discount reaching about 20%. More ask manager.


- In case you are looking for the best variants for extracting the lowest bass, you can check these instruments, as well Star , UranusWave, Pilot, Phantom, Phantom miniAriaHerdsmanCompassAsceticDuet.

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Вес 40 г
Габариты 110 × 47 × 4 мм

20-80 µm

Base frequency

60-70 Hz

Reed hardness

80-90 gf

Frame hardness

10000-30000 gf

Reed size

70×15 mm


~C#2, ~C2, ~B1


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