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The frame at the base of this instrument is large and harmoniously designed, no frills. What distinguishes the instrument from others is the presence of a magnetic ball. Which is inserted into the head of the tongue and thus significantly lowers the frequency of the sound. The jew's harp becomes really low-pitched. The head of the tongue is large, but in spite of this, you can play fast, dynamic solos on the jew's harp — beginners will be able to do it too. The tongue head is not twisted in form of a helix, which is typical of many other Glazyrin's models, but is made with a cavity inside (a place for the ball).

The weight of the jew's harp without the magnetic ball is not big, so the spread of the tongue to the side, with this use, is minimal. Its sound varies from mid-frequency without the ball to low-frequency with the ball. With this use you can give yourself free rein to improvise. There is a special place for the ball in the leather cover that comes with the instrument. But you can also additionally purchase a wooden case, which is designed in an appropriate style and also with a special place for the ball.

- In case you are looking for the best variants for extracting the lowest bass, you can check these instruments, as well Phantom mini, Star , UranusSwordWave, Pilot,  AriaHerdsmanCompassAsceticDuet.

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Вес 45 г
Габариты 111 × 36 × 4 мм
Weight with case

65 g


20-80 µm

Base frequency

45-75 Hz

Reed hardness

140-160 gf

Frame hardness

300-500 gf

Reed size

90×15-20 mm


~D2 ,~C#2, ~C2,~B1, ~A#1, ~A1, ~G#1, ~G1, ~F#1


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