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You will fall in love with this modern jew’s harp immediately. Colorful timbre, confident tone and rich sharp but not cutting sound make it vibrate as medium-low in pitch and timbre. Herdsman is a little dry in sound, a little crackling, a little dense, not very loud, but of good quality. The extremely small gaps between tongue and frame provide a player with a very high sensitivity and obedience to any actions. It requires a confident blow and clear articulation, but getting comfortable with it is very easy. The spectrum is shifted towards medium and high overtones.

The modern jew’s harp Herdsman is equally playable in both dynamic and measured sound production. A tongue is easily controlled by breathing and eagerly responds to articulation. You should just feel it, experiment, come up with new sounds and the instrument will definitely help you with this. It calmly adjusts to any type of playing technique, both slow melodic and fast rhythmic.

The surface of the harp’s frame is styled as matte. Stainless steel allows you to go with the instrument on any trip, in any, even the dampest weather conditions. But do not forget about the care of the tongue. The gaps between a deck and a tongue are minimal. In this regard, the instrument requires an accurate play.

All in all:
-The sound of Herdsman is very rich and intense.
-The instrument is suitable for melodies and rhythm.
-The shape of the modern jew’s harp is very concise and comfortable.
-The sound has a confident play, but there are also high overtones. The harp is suitable for high-speed play.
-Neat and simple in form, inexpensive.

- In case you are looking for the best variants for extracting the lowest bass, you can check these instruments, as well Star , UranusSwordWave, Pilot, Phantom, Phantom miniAriaCompassAsceticDuet.

The modern jew’s harp Herdsman is convenient and minimalistic. Its comfortable shape, perfect size, and balanced mid-range sound make it must-have for any jew’s harps enthusiast. This is a great instrument for beginners and professionals.

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Вес 35 г
Габариты 100 × 30 × 4 мм

10-80 µm

Base frequency

60-70 Hz

Reed hardness

130 gf

Frame hardness

200-400 gf

Reed size

80×16-18 mm


~C#2, ~C2, ~B1


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