About us

Our company presents a wide range of ancient musical instruments, jew’s harps. We offer elaborate products of the highest quality at an affordable price. You can choose a musical instrument according to your skill level, sound pitch, and design.

Also, for safekeeping and convenient transportation of the jew’s harp, you can purchase special cases. We offer you a choice of two options: leather covers or wooden cases.

There is an exclusive line of our products, most noteworthy, which presents gift sets of 8 jew’s harps, each with its own note of sound. We also offer jew’s harps for the sophisticated connoisseur of art, with an exclusive and interesting design, for example, made in the form of a snake.

Certainly, for the wholesale buyer, we have special discounts and bonuses; for more detailed information, contact our administrator.

Dmitry Glazyrin from Russia, whose instruments have won this niche in the market with their simplicity, unconditional quality and frankly low price! We are glad to cooperate!

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