Jew’s harp Mongol


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Structure of jew’s harp Mongol

An excellent affordable Glazyrin harp Mongol is a new model created by analogy to Skiff, Samurai and Aria. Its frame is slightly prolonged which makes the sound half a tone lower than the one of Skiff. It uses a revolutionary technology of manufacturing a tongue from a solid plate, which is attached by a special spot welding to the frame. This new solution made it possible to achieve an amazing sound at a low price. Mongol by Glazyrin is a very vibrant mid-frequency jew’s harp with excellent volume, articulation and breathing controllability.


This compact and lightweight instrument with medium height and excellent sensitivity is easy to handle. Its timbre is quite remarkable, because (unlike most modern serial jew’s harps unable to boast of anything other than volume and oversaturation) the mechanical accents in it are much less pronounced. They are present and noticeable, but allow you to hear more ‘musical’ overtones than its crackling counterparts. And any single sound, as before, automatically becomes colorful. Blows in both directions are exactly the same and the tongue is very stable, but two-way play requires the development of a rather accurate trajectory.


The icing on this cake is a beautiful engraving on the top plate. This glazyrin harp will undoubtedly become a faithful companion of a novice performer or a highlight in the collection of an experienced player. The tongue is made in the form of an insert on the deck, which has an engraving-pattern over its entire surface. This insert is firmly glued to the body of the Mongol jew’s harp. On the back of the case there is a beautiful engraving in the form of a humming bird. This unique innovative tongue-fastening technology along with a beautiful design make this model a wonderful gift or a new fantastic Glazyrin’s instrument in your collection.

Additional information

Weight 40 г
Dimensions 92 × 27 × 3.5 mm

10-15 µm

Reed size:

70 mm

Overall dimensions:

92x27x3,5 mm


40 g

Base frequency:

70-80 Hz


~D#2, ~D2


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