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Jew’s harp Star. It is one of the most popular jew’s harps, despite its price in comparison to other harps. The gaps between the frame and the tongue are minimal here with a large length of the frame and considerable width of the tongue. Therefore that has a positive effect on the brightness of sound at a relatively low frequency. Really, a great instrument! It is positioned as a professional instrument. Due to suitable for playing at any speed.

- In case you are looking for the best variants for extracting the lowest bass, you can check these instruments, as well  UranusSwordWave, Pilot, Phantom, Phantom miniAriaHerdsmanCompassAsceticDuet.

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Вес 50 г
Габариты 130 × 40 × 4 мм

10-80 µm

Base frequency

55-65 Hz

Reed hardness

110-120 gf

Frame hardness

100-200 gf

Reed size

85×15 mm


~C2, ~B1, ~A#1, ~A1


  1. eddywhite

    The Loudest Jaw Harp that i ever heard. It has a very saturated and sharp sound. It responses very sensitive on breath, which enables very nuanced play. Also the high overtones just hit different on this one, compared to all other Harps I have played. The high tones are very pronounced and just “tickle”.
    Overall a very good instrument, very Percisely crafted, with a beautiful case. Would definetly recommend this one for experienced or talented players.

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