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Samurai is a new beautiful jew’s harp from the affordable Glazyrin’s line. It is produced according to a new technology where a tongue is cut out from a single plate, and a frame is covered with a fabulous engraving. Samurai combines rich decor and universal musical characteristics. The sound is typically Ural: tall, loud, tight, with a particular crackle in the background. This new instrument is probably the best choice in a budget line and a great option for the first instrument. Thanks to its balanced sound and a tongue of medium hardness, this is an ideal harp for a beginner and for someone who has little amateur experience playing the jew’s harp. And for experienced and professional musicians, this obedient instrument will give room for experimentation.

Slightly increased along the length of the frame, it gives a bit higher sound than the one produced by Mongol. A one-of-a-kind innovative fastening technology and gorgeous design make this model an amazing present. A tongue is made in the form of small patch on the frame with a fascinating engraving pattern over its entire surface.

This beautiful jew’s harp is of very high quality. Pocket-sized harp fits perfectly in the hand. The Samurai ornament and the outlines of the beautiful jew’s harp itself create impeccable visual harmony. The motives of the art of the Samurai, this legendary Japanese people, will immerse those playing the harp in a special mood filled with inspiration, a sense of freedom and unity with vast expanses.

Glazyrin’s beautiful jew’s harp lines are the most successful variations of the Yakut khomus which at the same time cost manifold cheaper than the Yakut instruments similar in sound and quality. The master manages to balance the sound, kickback, overtone of the instrument in such a way that the resulting sounds are very bright and loud, and playing the harp is a great pleasure.

Additional information

Weight 35 г
Dimensions 85 × 27 × 3.5 mm

10-15 µm

Reed size

70 mm

Base frequency

65-75 Hz


~D2, ~C#2


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