Payment methods

Payment via bank transfer

After processing your order, you will receive a confirmation PDF file from us, as well as our bank details. After receiving the payment, your order will be sent to the address you specified. Please note that when paying via bank transfer, the transaction may take up to three days. Therefore, we do not recommend making a payment in this way for urgent orders.
If we do not receive the payment within 10 days, your order will be automatically canceled.

PayPal ( coming soon )

By choosing PayPal as a payment method, you will be redirected to your PayPal account.  After that, you give us permission to withdraw the amount of the cost of the order. Shortly before sending the merchandise, the required amount will be withdrawn from your PayPal account. PayPal reserves the right to offer you alternative payment methods. That in the case getting of very large amounts or if the PayPal credit limit has been exceeded. To receive additional information on PayPal payments, please click on the PayPal logo.

Western Union

Upon processing and verification of your order, you will receive an order confirmation from us via email with our information for paying via Western Union. Once the payment has been received, the order will be shipped.