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Yakut mouth harp fascinates even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of lamellar musical instruments with its sharp and filled melody. This is a plucked ultra-bass musical instrument that offers an enormous sound potential. The secret behind Yakut’s sound capability lies in the construction of its steel mechanism, which has a special tongue adjustment. It results in the creation of a sharp, bright and even oversaturated sound, yet its ability to hum does not affect the timbre of this type of the mouth harp.


Yakut jaw harp instrument is beloved by the musicians for its sound stratification that is being achieved through the tongue design. The tongue of this instrument is folded back from the plane frame and, therefore, facilitating the “inflation” of the sound.


The balanced combination of small gaps with a medium-hard tongue allows Yakut mouth harp to perform with higher sensitivity and produce bright and prominent sound. It opens up beautifully when played at a deliberate pace and with the use of breathing and laryngeal techniques. Despite the fact that Yakut is greatly popular among the beginner jew’s harp players, it will cast a spell on any musical enthusiast of any level.


The Yakut mouth harp will become a fantastic addition to a musical instrument collection of even the pickiest connoisseur. Alternatively, thanks to its outstanding performance qualities it can aid professional musicians in creating new melodies and experimenting with sounds and direction of the music they are playing.

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 4 mm

10-20 µm

Base frequency:

65-80 Hz

Reed hardness:

90-100 gf

Frame hardness:

250-300 gf

Reed size:

80×10 mm

Overall dimensions:

100x30x4 mm


40 g


~D#2, ~D2, ~C#2, ~C2


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