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Jew’s harp “Pilot” is the first model from the medium-high-pitched line of Glazyrin’s jew’s harps. “Pilot” has a soft tongue, which helps to extract a pleasant medium-frequency volume. A clear, defined sound and a bright timbre of this instrument together with a small head size of the tongue will give the player a noticeable ease in extracting sounds. Not small — not big, it is comfortable to go hiking with this instrument or take it to a concert — the instrument will easily fit in a shirt pocket. The base of the frame is not small, so the jew’s harp will perfectly fall into the hands of any size (if you are not Michael Jordan, of course). You can listen to the way the jew’s harp sounds on our recordings.

- In case you are looking for the best variants for extracting the lowest bass, you can check these instruments, as well Star , UranusSwordWave, Phantom, Phantom miniAriaHerdsmanCompassAsceticDuet.

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Вес 35 г
Габариты 100 × 30 × 4 мм

10-80 µm

Base frequency

60-75 Hz

Reed hardness

60-70 gf

Frame hardness

300-800 gf

Reed size

80×16-18 mm


~D2 ,~C#2, ~C2,~B1


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