Engravement is not a new concept in art and it has been existent for centuries. The engraving process involves the removal of the top layer of a material with improvised means with the purpose of creating a pattern or even an image. The engravement craftsmen can make objects more unique and unusual. Thanks to this ancient craftsmanship, even the most ordinary objects can be turned into masterpieces.

Nowadays, the technological advance has made it possible to have multiple types of engravement, with each being unique and giving special aesthetic characteristics. At the same time, the engraved image or pattern can be very clear and without any inaccuracies. Therefore, these unique jew’s harps will make a beautiful addition to any art collection and will please the eyes and ears of any connoisseur. The engraved line of the best glazyrin harps for overtones includes: Yakut, Mongol, Samurai, Scythian, Aria and Storm Petrel.

The laser engravement enables to add even the subtlest elements and create all sorts of patterns on jew’s harps. The finest lines and transitions of the shadows of the drawing are performed as realistically as possible, and the quality of the work performed always remains at a high level. This way, the jew’s harps from the Glazyrin’s line are both pieces of authentic art and have an outstanding quality, which makes them stand out from other plucked musical instruments. Glazyrin harps for overtones showcase what happens when art meets beautiful sounds.

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