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Luxurious Dmitry Glazyrin’s jew’s harp Sun is a wonderful gift for all occasions… a gift with exquisite taste. Done in a unique styling, it’s a piece of musical and foundry art. The body, made of bronze, softens its piercing midrange sound. A massive, cast frame, decorated with carved ornaments, and pure sound production will not leave anyone indifferent. The Sun’s jew’s harp calms with its sound, puts you in a trance, helping to push off from the bustle of the city. Regular playing of the jew’s harp normalizes sleep and has a positive effect on the activity of the human nervous system. After all, it’s commonly known that the sound has such power.

The Sun jew’s harp perfectly shows itself on high tones, making a surrounding and clear sound. This opens up new horizons for the flight of the imagination of its owner. The elastic tongue of the jew’s harp responds to the slightest touch of the player, contributing to the development of creative self-expression through sounds. This model contains the best quality characteristics of master Glazyrin’s jew’s harps. Therefore, the Sun jew’s harp is incredibly popular among both experienced jew’s harp players and beginners.

Additional information

Weight 90 г
Dimensions 105 × 25 × 15 mm

10-20 µm

Frame hardness:

200 gf


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