Jew’s harp Sahara


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This jew’s harp instrument is called after the greatest and the driest desert in the world – Sahara. Its cast frame showcases an embellished image of a nomad hiding from the burning desert sun under loose and layers traditional garments. The decks are garnished with two long palm trees on each side. When you turn the Sahara jew’s harp instrument around, you see an authentic Middle-Eastern print with a tiny hummingbird engravement right in the middle.


This kind of khomus would give out a high, soft and surprisingly mesmerising sound. The instrument is very sophisticated and would require very attentive approach; therefore, it is perfect for more professional jew’s harp players. Sahara model comes in the optimal size and shape perfectly manufactured to fit a hand of its player.


Thanks to the excellent combination of quality, attractive design and sound characteristics, the Sahara jew’s harp instrument can become a wonderful gift. It will be equally valued by an expert khomus player, a sophisticated connoisseur and by any regular person who appreciates the art. The unusual and attractive design of this Sahara khomus can be a great addition to any interior design, building up an ethnic touch to the overall aesthetic of a room. The magnificent and mesmerising sound of this instrument will blow away everyone who would hear it play.

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Weight 50 г
Dimensions 85 × 20 × 15 mm


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