Jew’s harp Ascetic


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Jew’s harp Ascetic will be appreciated by enthusiasts of high-quality dense bass. This is a delightful instrument with elastic tongue, bright sound and tangible penetrating vibrations. The sound of Ascetic is low-medium and dense. This excellent jaw harp for sale has a small clearance between tongue and frame; its sound slightly crackles. It is more suitable for a soft play. Vibrations are harmonious, well-felt, but not overloaded. An additional connection on the case allows you to set a small gap, which also significantly increases the saturation of the sound.

The shape of the harp is fully consistent with the name of the model - laconic harmony. The timbre is distinguished by deep low frequencies and a rich middle. Despite this, Ascetic jaw harp for sale allows you to create special effects on high overtones.

This is a very harmonious model. Due to the massive steel plate at the base, this harp is extremely pleasant to hold in hands and feel the weight of metal. Massiveness is perfectly combined with dynamism in this harp, which allows you to play it at any pace with the same comfort. On the other hand, the increased rigidity of the case (for compressing decks) makes it easy to begin to play even for a novice harp player. The combination of size, harmony of sound and reasonable price constitutes an attractive choice in favor of this particular instrument.

To sum up:
- Ascetic jaw harp for sale creates a magnificent powerful lingering sound allowing you to feel its self-contained and refined overtones.
- The harp has original form and low sound.
- Inexpensive, but requiring accuracy when playing.
- It works well at any pace of play.
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Additional information

Weight 35 г
Dimensions 105 × 30 × 4 mm

10-80 µm

Base frequency

50-65 Hz

Reed hardness

120-130 gf

Frame hardness

150-300 gf

Reed size

85×16-18 mm


~C2, ~B1, ~A#1, ~A1, ~G#1


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