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The Bushido Jew’s Harp would become an ideal addition for the seekers of deeper meanings and hidden knowledge. It represents the modern jew’s harp instrument made of the highest quality construction and durable metal combined with the deep and sharp-witted spirit of samurai’s life. The word “Bushido” translates from the Japanese as “code of honor”. The Bushido jew’s harp instrument carries melodies that allow to plunge into the atmosphere of the East and learn the deep wisdoms of their people.


The body of Bushido khomus is completed in the form of an elegant lady holding a samurai sword. The metal that has been used to produce this modern jew’s harp instrument is brass, which has been associated with reliability and magical traits. It produces very soft sounds and surprises players with high sensitivity of the instrument.


A merger of the oriental aesthetics, durable brass with mystical elements enable the Bushido to create spellbinding sounds, which would make anyone fascinated with its melody. Whenever you listen or play the Bushido khomus, you get a sense of its unique soul and dive into the magical world of ancient spirits and fine sound vibrations. You can easily distinguish the melody of Bushido from any other jew’s harps and feel it going through your body and soul. Bushido would satisfy even the strictest preferences of musical connoisseurs and can become a fantastic gift to remember.


Additional information

Weight 100 g

100 g


10-20 qm

Reed size

75 mm

Reed hardness

90-100 GF

Frame hardness

200-300 GF

Base frequency

60-70 Hz


~C#2, ~C2, ~B1


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