jew’s harp Snake



The Snake khomus is an amazing option for those who are looking for an authentic shaman’s jew’s harp that would offer both great quality and original appearance. It is a large-size musical instrument in its category , which attentively responds to the throat articulation and offers more benefits to its players. The exclusive design of this musical instrument is completed with a cast frame embellished with a voluminous engravement of a Snake.


The sound that this shaman’s jew’s harp emits is rich and deep in nature, yet it attracts attention with its soft and a velvety sound colour. You can quickly identify it as a bass model, when you hear the Snake play. The vibrations of the stable tongue transmit the vibration to the fullest.


If you are an ethnic music performer or a collactioner, this shaman’s jew’s harp the Snake would be a perfect match for you. The snake embellishment represents wisdom, both masculinity and femininity, health and fertility. It is a perfect gift that would have a hidden meaning and become a valuable present to remember and store as a heritage to pass on to the next generations. The combination of unique, spellbinding design and outstanding sound performance, make the Snake suitable for a large number of purposes, including playing, collecting, gifting and so on.

Additional information

Weight 90 g

10-20 qm

Reed size

75 mm

Reed hardness

70-90 GF

Frame hardness

200 GF

Base frequency

45-55 Hz


~A1, ~G#1, ~G1, ~F#1


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