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The Red Indian from our Jew’s Harp collection is uniquely splendid. The instrument’s design fascinates the viewers with its large mass frame embellished with many delicate elements. Each element was carefully engraved on a metal surface with attention to detail to make it a real masterpiece among other mouth harps.


The tongue of this beautiful jew’s harp is even stiffer than the Serpent’s, which enables it to convey the desired sound undertones more accurately. The Red Indian is capable of setting the tempo of the melody, which makes it perfect for reproducing rhythmic sounds and achieve sharper and more dazzling sound.


This Jew’s Harp emits bass, low frequency sounds and offers a possibility to experiment with a wider sound range. That is why, it is equally demanded by the professionals and the newbies in the world of beautiful jew’s harp instruments. The Red Indian is widely used by professionals for its outstanding characteristics, at the same time, beginners enjoy playing it as it allows to easily improve their techniques and reach better results.


Thanks to its perfect combination of the finest quality, outstanding design and sound attributes, this beautiful jew’s harp would make an amazing compliment for the connoisseurs of plucked musical instruments or become the adornment of any art collection.

Additional information

Weight 110 г
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 15 mm

20 um

Reed size

80 mm

Reed hardness

80 GF

Frame hardness

200-300 GF

Base frequency

50-60 Hz


~A#1, ~A1, ~G#1


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