structure jew's harp

Строение варгана

What does the jew’s harp consist of? First of all, to understand its structure, it is necessary to know the main components:

• Tongue – A plate between the decks of the frame, with the oscillation of which, a musical sound is created

• Frame – Jew’s harp’s metal base

• Gaps – The distance between the jew’s harp’s tongue and the decks (parallel frame sections). This is one of the most important parameters, responsible for the volume and width of the instrument’s spectrum. The smaller and smoother the gaps, the louder and richer the sound, and the easier it is to emit it (measurement in micrometers).

• Trigger – Part of the jew’s harp, with which the tongue is brought into a state of oscillation, due to which the sound is formed.

• Looper – Tip of the tongue that creates a certain tension. Most noteworthy, thanks to it, the necessary resistance is formed for the correct oscillation of the tongue. Also, this place can be hollow, when provided for increasing the weight. Consequently, in this cavity, you can insert a special weight ball, which comes in the kit with such models as Phantom and Phantom Mini.

• Connecting part – The place where the tongue is fixed to the base.

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