keep and use jew's harps

Классификация варганов

Jew’s harp for beginners

For those who are acquiring this instrument for the first time, we offer a line of special варганы for beginners to choose from. Firstly, these варганы are smaller in size. Secondly, they are designed for practicing strikes, training hands and learning the basics of playing. The sound of these варганы is soft, calm, suitable for meditation and relaxation, for example, when accompanying yoga classes. Jew’s harps with a small frame should be held by the base and only in this way. Compared with narrow-frame jew’s harps, exemplars with a wide frame can boast a number of options for holding; there are significantly more of them.

Jew’s harp for professionals

This line of варганы is for people who already have an idea of such a wonderful instrument. These models are much larger in size and, as a result, they become more complicated as to the technique of playing them. Also, the number of possibilities and techniques for creating unique melodies and unusual sounds is expanded. A possibility for detailed sound elaboration emerges. You can experiment with improvisation using fast and intermittent rhythms. The wide frame of the jew’s harp allows you to hold it in various ways: by the frame decks, by the base with two fingers, by the base with three fingers or enfolding it with a hand. (See picture)

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