type jew's-harp

Types of jew’s harps

There are plate-like and ring-shaped jew’s harps.

A plate-like jew’s harp can be made of a metal plate or wood, and also of bone. This type is thin and narrow; the tongue is located in the center of the plate. Ring-shaped jew’s harps are made out of steel by forging, with rounding of the base. In the center of the base a metal tongue is attached. The tip of the tongue is rounded in a special way for the convenience of playing and getting the right sound. The sound of this type of jew’s harp is bright and deep. The appearance of the ring-shaped type of jew’s harps occurred much later than that of the plate-like ones.

Our company revived the production of this tongue instrument in the center of Russia and collected the best of the two types in one product. Glazyrin’s jew’s harps have – a firm metal body, a thin plate-like tongue, with a rounding at the end; the neatly made piece also boasts an impressive appearance, while the sound of our jew’s harps is clear and pronounced. With all these positive components, the price of the product is not high compared to its analogues.

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