Rebirth of a person, jew’s harp Sun

Dmitry Glazyrin’s “Sun” is a small pearl for jew’s harpsconnoisseurs. The sustain is long, and handling of this instrument is very soft and pleasant. Its sound is warm and low. This instrument can be ideal for slow paced meditation; it also responds to breathing very well. This quite sensitive jew's harp produces a melodic and powerful sound, it is more suitable for ballads rather than for rhythm, but everyone can find pleasure in it. The reed is soft, and the aftertaste is perfect.

This model differs in an impeccable workmanship. It is accurate and powerful because the ornamented frame is massive and has a very hard reed. The characteristics of jew's harp “Sun” give it a sharp range and one of the highest volumes. The playing technique requires, as with all jew's harps of this type, to press the instrument to the teeth and strike with a forward and backward movement. The blow must be accurate with a slightstress in order for this jew's harp to open in full force.

One of its features is the ability to start the vibration of the tongue when you inhale. This marvelous jew’s harp produces a medium tone with a flexible reed giving it a clean and clear sound without being harsh. This excellent small-sized instrument is ideal for both enthusiasts and demanding music judges. This little miracle will undoubtedly captivate the most sophisticated musicians.

The “Sun” is a true happiness for musicians who want to play an accurate and powerful instrument. The shape of this jew's harp is pleasant and provides good fixation. The bronze frame is massive; the tongue is elastic. It is tuned in the key of C and is a magnificent piece of art: powerful, accurate, and yet a unique instrument!

The “Sun” jew’s harp is presented in an exquisite and sturdy wooden box. Like the god of the vitality of nature, it has a powerful force, unleashed during fast play or more calm in low tones. The reed is finely crafted and a very beautiful frame provides a certain amount of confidence in its durability. Long sustain, very nice grip...beautiful instrument!

All in all, Glazyrin's “Sun” is a very good value for money. This mouth harp is sure to adapt to all melodies from slow to super-fast. For all musicians, from beginner to professional, this instrument is very melodic and easy to learn. Great attention has been paid to the finish, supplied with a very practical wooden support to protect the instrument. This excellent jew's harp supplied with flexible and reactive reed is a great choice for lovers of style and meditative sounds.


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