Creative photo session in shamanic style

We present to your attention a creative photo session based on shamanic culture. In the photo, the new harp is a Red Indian. Photographer is Irina Voinkova.

"Big shamans" are shamans who have practical knowledge, experience, and influence of people. Thanks to his intelligence and strong character, the shaman could occupy a prominent social position. The shaman was also an expert in the culture of his people, a Keeper of traditions and folklore, and a master of the word. It was believed that his speech should please the ears of not only people, but also spirits. By the way, the shaman's poetic and oratorical talent served as a sure sign of his connection with spirits for others. According to the beliefs of many peoples, spirits love a bright and imaginative word, and therefore endow their chosen ones with eloquence. Combining the poetic gift with the knowledge of myths and legends, the shaman was essentially a folk storyteller, an artist in the broadest sense of the word. He was very good with a tambourine or other musical instrument. Shamanic rites were a kind of dramatic action that had a specific scenario.


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