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The body of Glazyrin’s jew’s harp Traveler is wooden. There are metal plates from its both sides. On the front side there is an image of birds with magnificent plumage, and on the reverse side – the master’s signature hummingbird. Striking the steel tongue of the Traveler with your fingers, you will get a sound of medium frequency. This musicial instrument will help you to know yourself better and will contribute to your self-development.

The Traveler jew’s harp has an advantage over its metal counterparts due to the frame made of wood, which softens vibrations and reduces their impact on the teeth.
The Traveler jew’s harp is suitable for everyone who does not want metal to come in contact with their teeth, as well as for jew’s harps musician who have an allergic reaction to metal.

The Traveler will be a great gift for a loved one and will decorate any collection with its unique look.

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