Jaw harp Duet



One frame... One side... Two tongues... and a lot of possibilities for extracting sounds from the Jaw harp “Duo” thanks to a double frame and two parallel tongues of different notes (identical, if desired).

Among the obvious advantages are:

  1. The convenience of combining, when there is no need to change the instruments while playing or change sides of one instrument, as in the case with the jew’s harp “Dola”, thereby interrupting the flow of playing;
  2. The advantage that comes from the previous one is an undoubted multiplicity of conjunctions and combinations of playing techniques, as well as the birth of completely new ones, so that not a single creative mind will be left disappointed by the versatility of the instrument;
  3. Compactness and comfort – despite the seemingly large size of the jew’s harp in relation to other models. Definitively, a necessary instrument in your collection!

- In case you are looking for the best variants for extracting the lowest bass, you can check these instruments, as well Star , UranusSwordWave, Pilot, Phantom, Phantom miniAriaHerdsmanCompassAscetic.


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Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 110 × 45 × 4 mm

10-80 µm

Base frequency

60-90 Hz

Reed hardness

60-150 gf

Frame hardness

300-400 gf

Reed size

80×12-17 mm


~F2, ~E2, ~D#2, ~D2 ,~C#2, ~C2, ~B1


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