Варган Доля


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The modern jew's harp “Dola” is one of the two “multi jew's-harps.” This instrument's form is distinct from a typical one, with its double frame. Primarily, with a fixed note diapason composed of two notes — a low C and a high A. It is very convenient in the sense that there is no need to carry two jew's-harps and constantly change them while playing.

The sound of the C note jew's harp is long, soft and bright. The A note is distinguished by its sonority and loudness, but is limited by the length of sound — from 3 to 4 seconds. It will be a perfect fit for a quick solo. Despite the unusual form, holding a jew's harp like this one is easier than holding many other models of Glazyrin's. The instrument can be held with an entire palm by the side opposite to the one being played. By virtue of that the hand will be less strained. Most noteworthy, is a very important criterion during a long-lasting and a masterly play.

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Вес 50 г
Габариты 165 × 35 × 4 мм
Base frequency

65-110 Hz


10-50 µm

Reed hardness

100-200 gf

Frame hardness

150-400 gf

Reed size

60-75×10-15 mm


C2, A2

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