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The new musical instrument “Alpha Mini” possesses a harmonious combination of pitch. Also, pleasant “felt” rigidity, bright appearance and sufficient convenience of play. “Alpha Mini” is an easy musical instrument, even a novice can handle playing it. It is slightly larger than “Sail” and “Frigate” in size, but the width of the frame enables a simplified grip. So even large-handed musicians can easily adapt to it. A wide range of overtones allows performing virtuoso improvisations (the art of spontaneous creation or interpretation of music, as opposed to the exact following of a pre-written score) with the Affettuoso effect (the designation of expressiveness: “with feeling”.). Its shape also deserves to be mentioned, thanks to which you can hold it in several different ways of your choice. The Russian musical instrument jew’s harp “Alpha Mini” is decorated quite harmoniously and is small in size.

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Вес 25 г
Габариты 82 × 22 × 4 мм
Base frequency

65-75 Hz

Reed hardness

100-110 gf

Frame hardness

100-200 gf

Reed size

60-12 mm


~D2, ~C#2, ~C2


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