Mouth harps Set Fairy Tale

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Set of mouth harps Fairy tale

Would you like to enjoy the oldest musical instrument of humanity? Whether you are just a beginner or appear to be a good judge of folk music, this fairy set of 8 mouth harps will not allow you to stay indifferent. Master a unique and even mystical way of producing sound!

Each of the mouth harps is tuned from C to C notes. The length of a frame, a tongue and stiffness vary according to the note of the instrument. Each jew’s harp has a marking with the tuning root note on the reverse. Due to minimal gaps between a frame and a tongue, all the harps have a loud and extremely dynamic sound. Moreover, high sensitivity and usability of the instruments will appeal to both amateurs and professionals.

In addition to a beautiful clear sound, sensitivity to articulation, high-quality material and precise work of the master,

this set has the following advantages:

-Each mouth harp is extremely delightful and as a result a perfect eye-catcher.
-The set is equipped with a high-quality wooden case that protects items in all conditions.
-More freedom for fingers to touch a tongue and create additional effects.
-The harps are easy-to-learn for beginners.

Why us?

We have a long history and are popular in the narrow circles of jew’s harps connoisseurs for manufacturing perfect-quality instruments. In conclusion, mouth harps come from Russia, where the best players in the world come from. We highly value our roots and are proud to offer the top-performance instruments with exclusive design. Most importantly, our products can be purchased at reasonable pricing. For wholesale dealers, we offer for about 20% rebate.

Сreate your own melody with the fairy set of 8 jew’s harps!


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Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 95-120 × 45 × 6 mm
Weight with case

1000 g


10-20 µm

Base frequency

65-130 Hz

Reed hardness

110-220 gf

Frame hardness

200-400 gf

Reed size

60-80×15-18 mm


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