mouth harp Petrel



Jew’s Harp Petrel is one of the most outstanding professional jew’s harps among the plate musical instruments. The sound that this mouth harm produces is very rich and crisp. The Petrel surprises with its bright and sharp sounds thanks to a rather stiff tongue, which makes the instrument capable of reproducing greater range of undertones. The Petrel is suitable for playing all sorts of rhythmic images, as it perfectly delivers clear notes and gives out high tonal range. Therefore, you can let your inspiration out and play any melody that comes into mind.


Apart from sound characteristics, the Petrel jew’s harp has an exquisite and sophisticated design. Despite the fact the overall aesthetic is being neat and simple, it still has a special touch to it. The sophistically engraved seagulls give a feeling of lightness and refinement to the metal body of the jew’s harp, making it look almost weightless.


This model of a professional jew’s harp has been developing since 2014, as the manufacturer ensures that it includes all the vital characteristics to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest customers. The Petrel would become an amazing an universal present, as it both can serve as a beautiful addition to an interior design and a wonderful, meaningful gift to a musical expert.

Additional information

Weight 40 г
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 4 mm

10-80 µm

Base frequency

75-85 Hz

Reed hardness

160-190 gf

Frame hardness

300-500 gf

Reed size

75×25-30 mm


~D#2, ~E2


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