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Jew’s Harp Aria

Jew’s Harp Aria is a beautiful and unique musical instrument that extracts low-frequency vibrations. This high quality jaw harp represents a lighter version of a bass instrument, which is perfect for both fast-paced playing and sound meditations. Visually, Aria showcases the heritage of a traditional khomus. The base of the instrument is made out of a metal plate with a beautifully engraved image of ethereal woman.


The mechanism of this quality jaw harp is unique and allows to expose the diversity of musical overtones. The reason for this sound uniqueness is the shortened gap between the tongue and the base, whilst the base itself is attached to the metal frame. The Aria’s Jew’s Harp tongue is stable and withstands blows in both directions. The weighting at the bottom of the instrument reduces vibration damping. Altogether, it creates a sharp, clear and energetic sound, which harmonically matches the exquisite aesthetic of this Aria khomus.


Aria is a wonderful and inimitable musical instrument, which can be utilized by both beginners and professionals of jew’s harp players. The friendly price of such instrument gives it another benefit. It offers a perfect combination of high quality and budget friendly price, which makes it a valuable addition for a musician of any skill and level of proficiency. The Aria jew’s harp is often obtained by art collectors and can serve as a very sophisticated piece of interior design.

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