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Jew's harp Sail — a medium-price range instrument from the high-pitched line. Soft sound, not loud, unlike many other Glazyrin's and others' instruments — the duration of the sound of this jew's harp is short — around 3 seconds.

This instrument possesses better rhythmical than melodic qualities. But, in spite of that, making music with this jew's harp will be a delight for lovers of quiet play. It should be played very accurately and adroitly because the gaps between the frame and the tongue are minuscule, which is why this type of jew's harp is recommended to the ones who consider themselves aficionados or professionals — for some novices it will be hard to master this instrument. The frame is small at its base, which is why it is necessary to approximate your hand size in relation to it in advance, because their disparity might result in a low quality performance or a constant numbing of hands.

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Вес 20 г
Габариты 75 × 25 × 4 мм

10-80 µm

Base frequency

90-95 Hz

Reed hardness

120 gf

Frame hardness

300-600 gf

Reed size

60×12 mm




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