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Stylish design and bright magical sound make professional jew’s harp Rainbow highly attractive. Its sound is rich immediately immersing a player in cosmic overtones. This harp is very sensitive to articulation; a tongue is balanced, so you can play at any speed - from very slow to very fast. Sound attenuation lasts long, and volume decreases very smoothly. This professional jew’s harp has a so-called ‘swing’ effect, when the sound volume can be significantly increased due to the correct breathing. The instrument is quite demanding on the accuracy of playing. A sound is reproduced symmetrically in both direct and reverse performance. The main tone of the Rainbow sound is slightly below average; it is bright, punchy, rich and deep.

A relatively soft frame comes upon for the technique of holding the harp, especially with strong and intense blows. It is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a long monophonic game, since one of the main features of Rainbow is the magic of a long pleasant sound.

This instrument gives rise not only to a great sound, but also to quite calm soft vibrations, flowing in smooth waves throughout a body. This professional jew’s harp is easy to play at a fast pace due to the average stiffness of the tongue, but at the same time it is universal and will be interesting for those harp players who prefer slow rhythms.

The main features of Rainbow:
-It is perfectly balanced.
-The volume is simply adjustable.
-The professional jew’s harp is suitable for both measured and high-speed style.
-It is very comfortable to hold.
-Ideal for those who are looking for a competent combination of qualities at a reasonable price directly from a wholesale’s manufacturer.

This professional jew’s harp will be highly appreciated by both beginners and professionals for its good sound control capacities and volume.

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Вес 50 г
Габариты 118 × 45 × 4 мм

10-80 µm

Base frequency

65-75 Hz

Reed hardness

110-120 gf

Frame hardness

200-350 gf

Reed size

75×15 mm


~D2, ~C#2, ~C2


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