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An unusual musical instrument — jew’s harp “Frigate” is low in its sound compared to the other model of master Glazyrin, “Sail”. This jew’s harp of Glazyrin boasts a lower, but at the same time, more volumetric, loud and expressive sound than that of the similar model, “Sail”. The sensitivity and response of the tongue of this musical instrument are amazing — all you need is to touch the tongue lightly, and the jew’s harp will immediately answer and sing. Just like “Sail”, this instrument has a small frame at its base. Therefore, many aficionados of this unusual instrument who have big hands may not feel so comfortable to play. You need to be more attentive and careful about your choice of jew’s harps. However, the size of this instrument results in its compactness. This is an undoubted convenient advantage, in particular, during its storage and transportation.

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Вес 20 г
Габариты 80 × 30 × 4 мм

10-80 µm

Base frequency

80-90 Hz

Reed hardness

90 gf

Frame hardness

100-200 gf

Reed size

65×12 mm


~F2, ~E2


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