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This excellent quality jaw harp can be defined as a “concert” harp. It has an incredible volume and bright, piercing and dense sound. The harp’s sound is incredibly bright, loud and rich which requires a clear articulation. The basis of the sound of Alpha is in the middle frequency with a slight predominance of bass. The tone is deep, saturated and without excessive sharpness. A wide frequency spectrum allows the sound to break through the noise which is always heard against the background of other instruments. Fast dynamics combined with long attenuation allows you to play on this instrument at any speed. Alpha quality jaw harp perfectly demonstrates itself at different speeds, volumes and in any conditions.


Moreover, the harp has an excellent look and is easily manageable at any desired skill level. Its format makes it possible to take it with you anywhere you want. At the same time, the reduction in size does not affect the level and sound quality of the instrument. Alpha is very sensitive, which is greatly facilitated by the extremely small gaps between tongue and frame.

Particular attention should be paid to the material of this harp - the base is made of stainless steel. With the help of this harp you can safely go on a trip without worrying about its appearance, as for the tongue of the harp, it should be provided with quality care to maintain its performance. After each use, the tongue needs to be cleaned from moisture, it is also recommended to use special tools if necessary.

Let us summarize:

- The spectrum of Alpha is shifted towards higher overtones. The sound is symmetrical in both directions.
- The quality jaw harp is ideal for fast and ultra-fast manners of playing. The optimal style of playing is any-intensity blowing in one direction.
- Compact, obedient, sensitive, and at the same time loud, Alpha will become your reliable and faithful companion, wherever you go.
- Exclusive design and appearance: the shape of the case is ideal for a full and rich sound.

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Вес 32 г
Габариты 100 × 30 × 4 мм

10-80 µm

Base frequency

75-85 Hz

Reed hardness

100-130 gf

Frame hardness

200-400 gf

Reed size

75×25-30 mm


~E2, ~D#2


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