Jew’s harp Hummingbird

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A small and sonorous jew's harp “Humming-bird” will be a perfect match for a fast and dynamic solo. Thanks to the softness of the material from which its frame is made (brass) and the minuscule gaps between the frame and the tongue, this instrument is recommended for professionals, but will not suit novices, because certain skills are necessary to produce sounds with it. This musical instrument is extremely sensitive to every touch of the tongue, whereby the musician can create incredible melodies. The sound of “Humming-bird” is quite prolonged as for the small length of its tongue. Its look and the thoroughly designed detailing of its frame are sure to impress anyone. The kit on sale includes the case for the storage of the jew's harp, made from beech wood and shaped as a perfect rectangle. Its top is held firmly with the case. Due to the in-built magnets, the case will not open casually or even during harsh transportation. The “Humming-bird” jew's harps case can be opened only with the corresponding intention.


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Additional information

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 90 × 25 × 4 mm
Weight with case

110 g


10-20 µm

Base frequency

120-130 Hz

Reed hardness

100-120 gf

Frame hardness

150-200 gf

Reed size

45×10 mm


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