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In our store of musical instruments, the jew's harp “Batman” is one of the largest ones. Its sound is loud and saturated, because it is rich in deep overtones. The large frame of the instrument makes its girth convenient for its use. This jew's harp is moderately weighty. The head of the tongue is large, while the movement of the tongue upon impact is minimal due to its width and thickness. The tongue is hard, the sound is medium-high. Beginners will play on “Batman” without any problems, and the pros will enjoy the convenience of playing.

It’s better not to put a jew's harp in your pocket, since there are places on the base of the frame. Probably, that can cling to clothing items and leave clues. To avoid unforeseen situations, it is recommended to purchase special covers along with jew's harps.


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Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 110 × 40 × 4 mm

10-40 µm

Base frequency

65-70 Hz

Reed hardness

120-130 gf

Frame hardness

200-400 gf

Reed size

80×15 mm


~C#2, ~C2


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