Jaw harp Phantom mini


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Jaw harp Phantom mini is similar in its characteristics to the eponymous Phantom

This jaw harp, likewise, comes with a magnetic ball provided for insertion into the hollow head of the tongue. This element plays a key role in this design. Above all, it contributes to the formation of the desired and bright sound. What distinguishes this instrument from the variation of its model, Phantom, is the size of the frame and the pitch of the sound. As a result, Phantom mini sounds slightly higher.

Certainly, a distinctive feature of this instrument is the size. This jew’s harp is recommended for fans of playing unusual ethnic instruments with small hands. One has to be careful in choosing an instrument; the main criterion here is the ratio of the hand size and the size of the jew’s harp. To sum up, in all other respects, Phantom mini and Phantom are identical to each other.

- In case you are looking for the best variants for extracting the lowest bass, you can check these instruments, as well PhantomStar , UranusSwordWave, Pilot,  AriaHerdsmanCompassAsceticDuet.


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Additional information

Weight 35 г
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 4 mm

10-80 µm

Base frequency

50-75 Hz

Reed hardness

90-100 gf

Frame hardness

250-450 gf

Reed size

75×15 mm


~D2 ,~C#2, ~C2,~B1, ~A#1, ~A1, ~G#1


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